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Agnetha / Elizabet Johnson
First Appearance: It's Kind Of A Birthday Present 1.01
Last Appearance: Folkmoot 2.06
Played By: Alison Bruce (Agnetha)
Jo Davidson (Elizabet)
Gender: Female
God/Goddess: Freyja
Power: Prosperity
Relatives: Mike Johnson (son)
Anders Johnson (son)
Ty Johnson (son)
Axl Johnson (son)
Olaf Johnson (father-in law)
Eva (daughter-in law)
Agnetha is the host of the Goddess Freyja after Elizabet Johnson's shapeshifting.


Early LifeEdit

As the Johnson boys mother Elizabet, she was married to their father, who would disappear for periods of time before returning to Elizabet for sex. His disruptive behavior infuriated Ty, and Elizabet would assure him everything would be alright to keep him from doing anything rash, before going to sate the boys' father, even though the situation infuriated her. (Charlie Truman)

When Mike turned 21, she performed the ceremony that turned him into a God, and then proceeded to leave to become a tree, having become unable to deal with the constant squabbles of being around other Gods and not wanting to be around four more. (And Then She Will Come To You)

While Mike would tell his brothers that their mother had disappeared to become a tree on their 21st birthdays (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present), she in fact grew bored of tree life after a few years and sought to be human again. An opportunity arose when a women was killed by a gang member right below her, and she transferred her essence into the dead woman's body and killed the gangster. From here she took the name Agnetha and began making several business deals that made her very successful, in part due to her power of prosperity. (And Then She Will Come To You)

Season 1Edit

Agnetha watched as Ingrid used fortune cards to try and determine whether or not Axl would become Odin, and knowing the results would always be the same, assured her killing him would be the only way to stop him. But when Stacey failed, she decided their window of opportunity was gone so they would have to wait. However when Michele’s disobeyed, her actions led to the prophecy of Odin’s return coming true. Agnetha was furious, and noted that instead they would have to find another way to prevent Odin and Frigg’s union. (It's Kind Of A Birthday Present)

Season 2Edit

At the folkmoot, Colin revealed that Agnetha had killed Eva, having been told by Ty that night, and demanded that she be punished. Axl decided that this would be for her to turn back into a tree for the term of a mortal lifetime. Agnetha was grateful to this punishment rather than death, and though she was upset that Ty had turned on her, proceeded into the forest. However an unsatisfied Colin burned down the part of the forest the folkmoot had taken place, the flames possibly consuming her. (Folkmoot)

After Season 2Edit

If Agnetha survived and was still alive, when Frigg and Odin were officially united together, the Goddess Spirit of Freyja presumably left her along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. If she returned to a human form, then how this affected her or her relationships with mortals is unknown, or if she remained a tree, then she would presumably remain stuck in this form. (The End of the World As We Know It)


She is associated with many things, including beauty, war, death, fertility and wealth. In the mortal world Agnetha is a very wealthy woman, who owns many companies in many sectors of the economy. But she remains out of sight, hidden behind a screen of investment companies through whom she channels her wealth as she sees fit. Her nose for finding businesses which she can grow into much bigger businesses is, well, almost Godlike. Tellingly, these companies are often run by women or make products consumed by woman; and always Agnetha will ensure the company promotes women to positions of responsibility wherever the can.

Agnetha speaks softly but carries a very big stick. She rewards well those who please her and who are on her side; she will not hesitate for one iota in punishing those who displease her. She is rather feudal when it comes to shepherding the Goddesses towards their sacred task, supporting their mortal lives but demanding loyalty in return.

A patient schemer; a consummate strategist; a keeper of many secrets, Agnetha is someone who leads through the power of her personality, as well as by her deep, deep pockets. She is a force, indeed, one you don’t want to reckon with.

It is stated that Agnitha "Shed Elizabet" when she stopped being a tree, however she retains her memories. It is implied she has the memories of the original Agnitha as well, suggesting that her current personality may be a result of combination of the two minds.


Still considers herself mother to the Johnson brothers despite admitting that she "shed Elizabet", because she still has the memories of being their mother. However she maintains the notion of tough love.


  • She is the only example of a person who has been possessed by a god spirit without actually being descended of a god. This implies that it is possible for the god spirit to inhabit a person who is not a descendant of other gods.
  • As a part of her business dealings, Agnetha operated the company that produces Fenrir vodka. Given that Fenrir is the name of a son of Loki, who was destined to cause the death of Odin, this would indicate that she had been plotting to kill the next incarnation of Odin for quite some time.

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