Ullr by W. Heine
Ullr with his bow on the ice.
Vital statistics
Title Ullr the Hunter
Gender Male
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health 480 (+80)
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

In Norse mythology, Ullr is the Winter God of the Hunt, Skill, Duel, Snowshoes, the Bow, and the Shield.


Ullr is a handsome hunting winter-god, the son of the goddess Sif, and the stepson of the thunder-god, Thor. Ullr possesses warrior-like attributes and is called upon for aid in individual combat. He resides at Ydalir (Yew Dales).

Although not much has been recorded about Ullr, he must have been a very prominent deity in the Norse pantheon at one time because, according to one tradition, the god Odin offered Ullr’s favors as a reward to the one who would aid him.


  • Ullr the Hunter
  • The God of the Hunt, Skill, Duel, Snowshoes, the Bow, and the Shield


  • Enhanced Hunting/Tracking
  • Tychokinesis

In the seriesEdit

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