the Oath Goddess
Vital statistics
Title *Goddess of Oaths
Gender Female
Race Asgardian
Faction Norse Gods
Health Good
Level High
Status Immortal
Location Asgard

In Norse mythology, Vár is the Goddess of Oaths.



In the seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Vár was Colin Gunderson / Loki's assistant and lover-of-sorts. She was also the Goddess of oaths and agreements, and it was during a ceremony in the forest that her blood sealed the contract binding the marriage of Axl Johnson / Odin and Eva (thought to be Frigg). (Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks)

She later showed up at the pre-wedding party at Colin's. Even when Axl wanted to abandon the marriage, and Eva was revealed to be Hel and not Frigg, Var's blood continued to seal the deal that Mike Johnson would die if they didn't marry. (Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice)

Her powers are of Securing Vows, Oaths and Healing.

At some point after this, she and Colin stopped seeing each other.

After Season 1Edit

When Frigg and Odin were officially united together, the Goddess Spirit of Var presumably left this mortal along with all the other Gods and Goddesses who weren't present. How this affected her or her relationships with mortals is unknown. (The End of the World As We Know It)


A silent figure, Var rarely ventures into the world of speaking, and is far from unwilling to be promiscuois. This apparent promiscuoisity may however have been a power play as the joining of god and goddess has been established to increase the power of both.




Var worked with Loki (as Colin Gunderson) at his insurance firm. They were intimate with each other, however it's not suggested that this is anything more than a physical relationship. She has not been seen since season one, and as such their relationship current status is unknown.


  • Var never speaks a word during her appearance.
  • Her mortal form's name is never mentioned.

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